Free Lego Game
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  • Language English
  • Developer LEGO SYSTEM AS

Download LEGO® BOOST. This app is in the Utilities and Tools category and for iPhone users. You can install it for free on your Windows, PC.

Combine this with the LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolkit (17101) set!
Enjoy more than 60 simple drag-and-drop entertaining activities, watch videos, and access digital LEGO Building Instructions. Have fun with LEGO models that can move, talk and react to real-world events.
Take your experience to another level with advanced coding. Make your own robot toys and animate with BOOST, then check out the tablet device. Only three simple steps are enough: DO, CODE and PLAY!
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No third-party ads. LEGO marketing content and information are provided as well as LEGO news about LEGO sets and other LEGO games to give kids creative game ideas.

What you'll find in the new app:
• Vernie is now a master of the game and ready to challenge you and your friends in a stacking game. Who will knock the tray? (tip: you shouldn't be)
• Aaahh! Can you heal her using Frankie's sick, new accessories and coding blocks?
• Challenge your friends in an M.T.R.4 fight, build a fighting ring using two sets of mats and test your skills.
• Match audio tracks from Guitar4000 or make a composition contest with your friends.
• AutoBuilder turns into a classic arcade game, can you cross over obstacles and get new high scores?

Download LEGO® BOOST